Jenelle Evans has been keeping low-profile for a couple of months, as she's gearing up for her third baby. Jenelle is expecting a third baby with her boyfriend, David Eason. This is the third child for Jenelle, but the second for David -- and their first child together. And this will be the first girl for Evans, who shares Jace with a high school boyfriend and her son, Kaiser, with Nathan Griffith. But it sounds like this third child may be a game-changer for her, as she's working on fixing her finances.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's working on fixing her finances.

It's no secret that Evans has been struggling to save her money. She's been going on luxurious vacations and she even talked about using food stamps at one point. Maybe having three children has completely changed her mind about luxurious and irresponsible spending.

Jenelle Evans getting basic financial advice from ‘TM2’ fans

When Evans tweeted her followers about fixing her credit score, plenty of people had advice about her money. They told her not to spend money on her vacations, as she's often going on beach vacations with her boyfriend. In addition, she may buy expensive gifts and not really think about retirement and savings. And one person suggested that she got a "real" job that isn't funded by MTV and "Teen Mom 2."

"Very possible.

Pay bills on time, get a job , don't live above your means - very important," one person wrote in reply to Jenelle's tweet, while another added, "whoa whoa whoa! Easy there with your practical, sound advice."

Could Jenelle Evans’ health be the reason for the sudden change?

Jenelle could also be thinking about her finances because of her health.

Evans is currently pregnant with her third child, but it sounds like she's dealing with a health issue that could affect her financial situation this year. Apparently, she has found a lump and her doctor will be exploring this lump and her health in 2017.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweet about fixing her finances? Do you think it is wise for her to think about her credit score and possibly working on her financial situation for her children?