Hey, "Chicago Fire" peeps. Yep, unfortunately, I'm having to jump back on here to fill you guys in on the bad news that's happening, tonight. For some reason, the new episode 10 of the current season 5, is running into a delay this week. However, it's only for this week, because we do have confirmation that it will be showing up next Tuesday night, January 17th, 2017 at 9pm central time, so be sure to get that info written down on something important.

They're giving you a different show to watch

As for what NBC has in store you ,tonight, it turns out that they want to air a new episode of their new comedy/drama show: "This Is Us.

" It's going to be a brand new one that's labeled: "The Right Thing To Do." If you're a viewer of that show, it's going to feature Kate, facing a huge struggle, attempting to cope with the aftermath of Toby's heart situation. it's going to also show Olivia, shockingly, arriving back on the scene, and more. Again, if any of you watch that show, you're in luck, tonight, because it's taking over Chicago Fire's time slot.

Alright, so as always, I do have some good news to mix in with this awful news. As previously reported, NBC did drop the official press release spoilers for episode 10, but we also have some extra details, because they delivered as promo clip for it as well. I've included it ,below, for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Episode 10 is labeled: "The People We Meet."

A family ripped apart

In the clip, we see scenes that feature Dawson and Casey, getting a visit from Louis' biological father, and things don't turn out good as he's spotted, claiming that he wants full custody of Louis! This, of course, throws a giant wrench into their happy, family situation that they had going on.

Lots of tears

As the clip continues, we see poor Casey, shedding a lot of tears, along with the big question of will they fight back for custody, getting asked by the narration voice over the clip. It certainly looks heavily dramatic and intense. And it looks like most of the episode will be about their tough road ahead, because they don't show any other scenes that involve anyone else in this one. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned.