Corinne might be one of the most aggressive contestants in the history of "The Bachelor." She knows what she wants and she goes after it, even if that means getting in other people's ways and putting herself in suggestive situations. For some, she may seem insane. For Nick, she just might be the woman for him.

Her latest antics

Corinne is someone who clearly doesn't like playing second fiddle to anybody. She already seemed like she was going to be one of the 'it' contestants of the season back on the premiere, so Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor" seemed like a natural progression for her story arc and her pursuit to win Nick.

Clearly jealous upon learning that all of the contestants on "The Bachelor" tend to share a kiss with Nick every time they are alone, Corinne decided to step things up a notch. During the beach wedding scene, a bikini-clad Corinne decided to take off the top of her aspiring beau. Then, she took off her own.

Making this moment even more shocking, Corinne then virtually forced Nick to grope her as other contestants on "The Bachelor" looked on in disgust. The move seemed to have worked, as Nick gave the date rose to the woman he got close with.

Does Corinne have a shot at it all?

While her antics in the most recent episode of "The Bachelor" have inflamed many of the other contestants, it's hard not to consider Corinne an early leader to be the last one standing at the end of the season.

She has utilized her sexuality to cast a spell on Nick, a spell the other girls seem to realize, but that Nick himself has little awareness of.

The reason Nick may go for Corinne is because of his past. On "The Bachelor," his main insecurity that is emerging is being brokenhearted. He's appeared on several other dating shows and fallen short of finding love each time.

For whatever reason, Corinne seems endlessly infatuated with Nick at the moment, willing to get in the way of other contestants to prove she wants to spend every second with him. That's going to touch a nerve with him, and might help secure her victory at the end of it all.