Alright "Chicago Fire" peeps. Welcome to the new year with new episodes, which also means we've got new spoilers, and these bad boys will be for the upcoming episode 10 of season 5. It turns out that some pretty dramatic and interesting scenarios will happen in these storylines that we got straight from the NBC folks. Dawson and Casey will have some plans they want to carry out, but Louise's father, screws it all up for him.

Family issues go haywire

Starting things off, I've got the title for this installment. The producers decided to name this one: "The People We Meet." I guess that's an interesting choice.

Anyways, here we go. They put in all-caps that Louie's father is going to totally mess up some family plans that Casey and Dawson have plotted out. So, it looks like that could be one of the bigger storylines in this one. A further elaboration of this, is that Dawson and Casey will attempt to create a home environment that's filled with harmony and peace. Unfortunately, Louie's father won't help that out. They don't say exactly what he does to cause all the dismay, but he's definitely going to, and things are going to get heated.

The bone marrow cancellation

Next, we've got Taylor Kinney's Severide character, somehow, agreeing to give up some of his bone marrow for the sake of charity. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like this is going end up, turning out well, because they describe that a big work accident will end up, taking place and ruin everything.

They didn't elaborate any further about that, so we don't have any details about this so-called incident, but it should make for some interesting dramatics.

They hit a snag with PSA stuff

In this 3rd and last teaser they gave up, we find out that Mouch and Otis are going to be quite the busy bees. However, there big plans are going to get snubbed as well.

It's described that they're going to be filming a special PSA piece that's designed to get people to want to join the Chicago Fire Department crew. Unfortunately, while they're in the middle of this project, they're going to run into some creative issues that they will need to fix in order to complete this project of theirs.

Will they be able to break through the creative barriers that currently plague them? Right now, we can only look for time to answer that burning question.

We've got a couple of guest stars on deck that will be involved in this episode. They are: S. Epatha Merkerson and Jeff Hephner. Give them a round of applause for helping out in whatever way they did, or not. Hell, I don't really care if you do or if you don't. It just seemed like the right thing to say. Anyways, I can also confirm that this one will definitely be airing next Tuesday night, January 10th, 2017 at 9pm central time, so be sure to get that date committed to memory, and stay tuned.