Hey, guys. It's time! That's right. It's time to let you guy's know what tomorrow's new "Bold and The Beautiful" Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 episode has in store for you. Today, our sources only had two storyline scoops again. However, they reveal some really interesting and possibly heated stuff that could take place as we've got Quinn, catching some intense, 3rd degree questioning from Ivy, at some point, over that hot, steam room session with Ridge. Then Steffy is going to find out from Eric that he thinks Wyatt should be her main squeeze.

How will she respond to this heat?

To begin the January 4th teasers, I'll go ahead and dig into this Quinn and Ivy synopsis. It turns out that we're going to see Ivy be quite concerned about what she saw go down between Quinn and Ridge in the steam room. So much, in fact, that she's going to take it to a confrontation level, by getting all up in Quinn's face to ask her what the hell was up with that? Is she going to actually tell her what happened, or is she just going to tell her to mind her own freaking business. I think that will be the big question in that whole exchange. Also, will things escalate to a more intense level with these two? It'll be very interesting to see.

Wyatt is somebody's pick

In the next and last teaser that he have for today, we learn that another heated conversation could take place between Steffy and Eric, because he is going to just be straight up with her, and let her know that he wants her to go back and be with Wyatt instead of Liam.

Given the fact that she's with Liam ,now, we could see this conversation, heading in a southern direction if you know what I mean.

If you don't know what I mean. I'm saying it could turn pretty bad. Will these two start arguing over who she should choose to be with, or will Steffy just respect his opinion and walk away? It should make for quite an interesting scene when it finally gets shown.

Well, again, guys. That's all I have for you, today, in reference to the January 4th offering.

I'm guessing that there might be, at least, one or two more juicy storyline that will happen. Be sure to check the show's official Youtube channel ,later on today, to see if they've released a promo clip. If they do, it could reveal some extra stuff. And, of course, I'll be back, tomorrow with the new January 5th stuff. Stay tuned.