Alright, so we got some new spoiler intel for the new, upcoming "Young And The Restless" Wednesday, January 18th,2017 episode. It's quite a bit of stuff too, and some of the situations sounds pretty serious as Phyllis catches some heavy confrontation heat from Ashley at some point. Hilary is going to totally startle Mariah, Devon shares some interesting news about his decision, and more.

It's going down with these two

To get things started, lets go over this Phyllis and Ashley stuff. It turns out that we're going to see a moment where Phyllis double crosses Ashley by attempting to poach Ravi, so that's a big shame on her.

This action will prompt Ashley to get all up in Phyllis' face to confront her about it, setting up a big heated argument. They didn't reveal if this situation is going to get physical or not, but as we all know, that would certainly make it more entertaining. Either way, this should serve up some very attention-grabbing scenes.

A very startling situation

Next, we learn that we're going to see Mariah get a big surprise thrown at her by Hilary. Unfortunately, we couldn't locate anymore intel about what this big surprise might be, so we can just tell you to look for her to shock Mariah in some way during tomorrow's installment. Also, that'll definitely be a huge question for this scenario. What is this damn surprise?

Big rough patch for her

In this next scoop, it's all about Lauren Fenmore. Apparently, she is going to hit some very rough patches as far as the Fenrmore's business is concerned, and she is going to really struggle to try and keep things right. In other words, if she doesn't get it together real soon, there's not going to be anything to keep together.

Will she be able to pull it off? That's another big question that's floating around out there.

Devon has new intel

Elsewhere, we have Devon with some new information about his recent decision. He's going to ,reportedly, tell Hilary that it definitely did involve her. We don't have any intel about how she will react to this news, but that's something we'll definitely be wanting to see.

The big Fisk meeting

Then to cap off this spoiler session, we learn that there's going to be a scene that involves Dylan, getting all prepared for a big meeting with Fisk. No details were provided about what is going to take place during this meeting, or what it'll even be about, so we're just going to have to wait and see that during the episode, but those are definitely some interesting questions to ponder. Stay tuned.