Hey, "Young and The Restless" peeps. Happy Tuesday. We've got a couple spoiler scoops for the upcoming Wednesday January 18th,2017 episode. Apparently, we'll be seeing Hope get forced to hide out from the Police that are heavily searching for her! Gabi and Abigail are finally starting to realize that something major is about to take place, and more!

Intense fugitive action

We'll start this session off with the Hope situation. Apparently, she's on the run and things are just not going to get any easier for her, because the police are currently trying to hunt her down with a lot of intensity, so she will be forced to go into hiding.

It'll be interesting to see how long she'll try to keep this up. Will she just keep hiding forever? Or will she finally decided to turn herself in? These are some important questions for this situation.

A big conversation attempt

Next, we learn that Chad is going to feel the need to talk with Sonny and Dario about something, as it's described that he's going to put together an important meeting with them. According to our Soapcentral.com sources, this meeting will be about trying to put to rest some of the nasty tension that has been going on between them. However, they also point out that it just might be too got damn late. So, it really too late? That's definitely something we're interested in finding out.

Jennifer finds out

Elsewhere, we're going to see a situation go down with Jennifer. Apparently, she's going to find out about JJ's whole dock investigation, and it's definitely going to totally pique her interest. So much, in fact, that she's going to eventually use her journalism skills to look further into this. However, she will also make JJ unhappy by using classified intel to perform her big snoop.

We're not sure if her investigation gets shown in tomorrow's episode, but it is going to happen, so be on the lookout for that to take place this week.

They see the light

Last, but not least, we've got Gabi and Abigail, separately start to come to the realization that something really huge is about to go down. Some extra intel from Soapcentral.com, reveals that this "big something" is going to involve Dario, Sunny and Chad, and it's going to be quite serious! So, look for some heavy drama to take place in regards to that situation, and stay tuned.