Oh,my "The Blacklist" fans. It's definitely going to be really wild in the upcoming episode 12 of season 4. We got official spoiler scoops from NBC's latest press release. It turns out that we've got a vicious killer assassin that will be showing up to deliver fatal diseases on her victims. Shame! This, of course, will prompt an emergency response from the FBI task force. Elsewhere, Tom gets recruited by Red, and more.

Vicious female killer on the loose

We also got a title to go along with these juicy spoiler teasers. They named it: "Natalie Luca," which I suspect will be the name of this new, wicked assassin, but don't quote me on that.

Anyways, lets get into it. According to the official description, a very elusive, female assassin is going to show up on the scene, and she will be using a very fatal disease to infect and kill off her poor victims!

These heinous actions will, of course, not sit well with the FBI Task Force, so it will prompt them to go on a massive hunt to try and capture this evil chick. However, she is described as being elusive, so it could be a while before they are able to find her, if ever. They don't elaborate on how the crew will find her, or if they even find her at all, so it's really going to be intriguing to see how all of this is going to play out. Will she kill even more people before the team is able to get their claws on her?

It's going to be really intense.

Red wants Tom to work for him

Next, we have this second and last teaser that NBC was willing to give up. It's involves Tom and Red. Apparently, Red has been really impressed with Tom's skills. So much, in fact, that he decides to recruit him to participate in an undercover operation that he's cooked up for his criminal organization.

They didn't mention if Tom is going to accept this assignment or not, so it'll be interesting to see what answer Tom ends up giving him. Will he take on the task? If so, will he successfully carry it out? Those will be some big questions for this situation.

Next week's a rerun

Ok, so that's going to finish up things for this spoilery session, because that's all the written stuff that NBC was willing to part with.

However, do be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new promo clip that's expected to drop after episode 11 airs tonight. Also, we've got some bad news. It turns out that this thing isn't scheduled to air until Thursday night, February 2nd,2017, so that means we're just going to get a rerun next week. Be sure to mark that down on your TV schedules, and stay tuned.