In less than 24 hours, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next commander in chief on Inauguration Day. As the president-elect begins to celebrate, he's also facing harsh backlash, including from top celebrities.

Trump Hollywood backlash

The day most people never thought would come is almost here. The former host of "The Apprentice" will soon become the leader of the free word, as the era of Donald Trump will make its way into the White House. With Republican control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate in Congress, Trump will have an easier time pushing through his policies and proposals than President Obama has had over the last eight years.

In response, critics of the president-elect have refused to remain silent, with multiple protests being planned to take place. As seen across Twitter on January 19, many celebrities are using their influence to help to set the record straight on the billionaire real estate mogul.

"We're about to inaugurate a POTUS who almost certainly has committed treason," actor and director Rob Reiner wrote on Twitter, before adding, "For the preservation of our democracy" while using the hashtag "#SpecialProsecutor." Actor George Takei took a humorous approach, tweeting "Trump's inauguration will be wet and warm.

Oh myyy," while attaching a picture of Friday's weather report.

Actress Chelsea Handler also chimed in, while mocking the rock band "3 Doors Down" for performing at the event. "Trump's inauguration will be protested in all 50 states and 32 countries," Handler tweeted, before noting, "making this the highest attended 3 Door Down concert to date."

Anger on the left

Actress Rosie O'Donnell has used her Twitter account to express her disdain for Donald Trump for sometime, and responded to a tweet addressing the Inauguration Day boycott.

"Don't watch - literally do anything else," O'Donnell wrote.

Author Stephen King also gave his thoughts on social media, adding, "I wish anyone other than Donald Trump--left, right, or center--were taking the Oath of Office tomorrow.

My preference would be Barack Obama." In addition, King also tweeted, "Love Toby Keith. Great country artist. Supports the troops. Hopefully he'll play 'The Draft Dodger Rag" for Trump at that inaugural bash.'"

Moore takes a stand

Filmmaker Micheal Moore sent out an onslaught of tweets in recent days, documenting the ceremony leading up Inauguration Day. "As the soldier played a somber taps on his bugle, it felt like he was playing it 4 us, 4 something else that had died," Moore wrote on his Twitter page Thursday afternoon.

In another tweet, Moore took a shot at the lower than expected attendance for the inauguration.

"JUST IN: Lots of DC hotel rooms & plane/train seats have opened up cause proTrump turnout much lower than thought," Moore pointed out, while suggesting, "So come to Sat protest!" Moore, actor Alex Baldwin, and many others will be holding a protest outside of Trump Tower in New York City, with a record amount of protesters expected to take part in the event.