Alright, so we're back at all you "The Blacklist" fans to give you guys new spoiler intel for the upcoming episode 11 of season 4. They come straight from the latest NBC press release, so thank you, NBC. Some very interesting and intense stuff definitely will be going down as Liz attempts to pull off a major infiltration of a large group of thieves. We've got shocking problems getting thrown in Red's direction, and more!

The big heist situation

They also delivered the title for this 11th installment. It's labeled: "The Harem." This is probably in reference to the big thieving group, only consisting of a bunch of women, but don't quote me on that.

Anyways, lets get to the important stuff. It turns out that there's going to be a situation in which Liz will be trying to get in good with a Thieving organization that's composed of nothing but women.

She'll be doing this as part of a big infiltration, undercover operation. However, to get in with these chicks, Liz will have to prove that she's worthy enough to be apart of their elite group of robbers. The leader of this group is going to be played by actress, Jill Hennessy. We also learn that they will be in the midst of prepping for their next,big robbery heist. So, things should get really intense with this particular storyline.

Can he wiggle out of this?

Elsewhere, we find out that Red is going to find himself in a bit of a bind as they describe that some surprising problems are going to flare up for him at some point.

Unfortunately, they did not elaborate on exactly what these problems will entail. So, the only thing we do know, is that they will cause him some issues that he didn't know would happen. Will he be able to quickly solve them? Will they be so bad that they will put him out of commission for a while? If so, for how long? Those are just a few questions that could be applied to this crazy scenario.

Tom's very busy with the baby

Next, we've got this one last scoop, which is no doubt, the lesser of them as we'll be seeing Tom channeling all of his freaking energy into fulfilling his fatherly duties as they describe. So, basically that means he'll just be looking after baby Agnes, making sure she doesn't choke on a spare crumb that's lying around. You know? Stuff like that.

Also, we can confirm that the new episode 11 is scheduled to arrive next Thursday night, January 19th, 2017 at 9pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.