Hey, "Blacklist" peeps. Welcome back. The second half of the season has begun, and we've got the big scoops for the upcoming episode 10 of season 4 straight from the nice NBC folks, via their latest press release. They only gave us two storyline scoops for this one, so we're not going to be incredibly informing beyond that. However, what we do have, sounds rather interesting as a crime that hasn't even been committed yet, is going to arrive to give Liz a headache. Meanwhile, we've got Red, exploring another way to increase his income.

There's a forecaster in the title

Lets go ahead and begin with the big title reveal. The producers decided to properly name this one: "The Forecaster." It makes sense, because it's all about a crime that has yet to be committed, and yet somebody knows it's going to happen, anyways. In the official synopsis, we learn that , at some point, someone is going to arrive on the scene and leave behind, what they're calling a diorama.

A diorama, explained

Now, I know what most of you are probably thinking. What the hell is a diorama? If you didn't, I sure as hell did, so I looked it up on Google. Apparently, it is like a crafted model that features a scene with three-dimensional figures. These could be either miniature action-figure type things, or a full life-size model, like what they have in a extravagant museum exhibit.

You see? You learn something new every got damn day. Anyways, this "diorama" is going to strangely show Liz a crime that has yet to be committed. Wow! What will she do with this intel? Will she use it to actually stop this weird event from taking place? It's going to be interesting to see how that all plays out.

New business scouted out

In this next and last plotline reveal, we're going to see Red, looking to explore some other avenues of doing business other than putting his life on the line all the time, or maybe not. We don't know,exactly, because the synopsis is super vague, and won't give us that knowledge. So, for right now, we just know that he is going to take a look at another, what they're calling, a business opportunity.

Will this turn out to be good for Red, or will it be something very shiesty and disappointing? Those are another set of questions that I look forward to seeing, hopefully get addressed in this installment.

Also, the press release did confirm that you can expect episode 10 to show up, next Thursday night, January 12th, 2017 at 9pm central time on NBC, so be sure to make note of that important piece of intel ,and also look for the new promo clip to air after episode 9 wraps up, tonight. It should deliver up some extra info. Stay tuned.