Farrah Abraham has been incredibly vocal about wanting to be engaged at this point in her life. She heavily pushed the subject with Simon Saran, who ultimately broke down and told her to buy a ring. While he has yet to slip that ring on her finger officially, it is being speculated that the two may have done it in private.

Farrah's Snap Chat

In a series of photos, Farrah Abraham showed off a diamond ring on her finger. Some of the photos appear to have the ring on her right hand while others seem to have it placed on her left. Either way, she is definitely using this as a piece to make headlines once again.

If the attention isn't on Farrah all the time, she isn't happy.

Did Simon pop the question?

"Teen Mom OG" fans have watched the dynamic between Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran. She pushed him several times to make things serious, but he never wanted to take that next step with her. In fact, they actually split up before a ring could be given. Abraham reportedly bought her own ring, something she brought up over and over again on the "Teen Mom OG" reunion.

Right now, it appears that there is no engagement. If there was, fans believe Farrah Abraham would be way more vocal about it. Instead, she is subtly trying to position the ring in every single Snap Chat photo she takes. The ring is probably a purchase she made herself as a reward for something she is proud of doing.

Abraham never does anything without thinking ahead, and the reaction she is getting out of these photos now is exactly what she wanted.

There are others things that have kept Farrah Abraham busy over the last several weeks. She is currently feuding with her "Teen Mom OG" co-stars. She has been fighting back by dragging it all over social media.

Abraham will not rest until she feels like she has won the battle, and, at this point, she isn't quite there yet.

Her determination speaks volumes, and if she was set on being engaged, she would have absolutely been proposed to at this point. Fans speculate that her ring is just for show, as Farrah Abraham enjoys being flashy more than anything else.