On "The Blacklist," slipping the executioners noose is as dangerous as the blind neck-snap at the end of the rope. Unfortunately for Mr. Kaplan, this is a lesson she’s learning at the hands of amentally unbalanced woodsman.

With Red’s (James Spader) pinpoint accuracy, his failure to kill his closest confidant remains a mystery. Was it the result of some repressed sentimentality? A mere accident? We may never know the answer, but we do know this – Kaplan’s (Susan Blommaert) future is as uncertain as Lizzie’s (Megan Boone) parentage. By time episode 8 rolls around, however, the cleaner will have to address her fate.

Mr. Kaplan considers her future

Titled “Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion,” the Nov. 10 hour will see three separate storylines come to a head.

“Red pressures Dr. Shaw to locate a former patient,” NBC teased. “Liz contemplates the implications of her ties to an increasingly desperate and dangerous Alexander Kirk. Mr. Kaplan comes to a critical realization about her future.”

The episode will air in the wake of “Dr. Adrian Shaw.” Set to air on Nov. 3, the first half of the two-parter will focus on a blacklister who doles out new identities to the well-connected fugitive.

How will Red handle the truth?

What we really want to know, however, is how Red will handle the survival of his former partner in crime.

Mr. Reddington doesn’t stand for betrayal, and he’ll surely have mixed feelings if Kaplan ever wanders back into his life. Liz, on the other hand, will certainly rejoice. Aside from Red and Kirk, Kaplan is one of the few people who actually know the truth about Masha’s childhood. The way she tells it, Red carted Lizzie away long before the alleged fire.

“Red values loyalty above all else, and Mr. Kaplan betrayed him in the most impossible way,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp told Entertainment Weekly. “Remember, Reddington killed Newton Phillips in season 1 by suffocating him with a plastic bag from a funeral urn. He shot an old woman (Diane Fowler) after she betrayed him. Hell, he shot Pee Wee Herman!

The man is ruthless. In Red’s mind, Mr. Kaplan had to go.”

Find out what’s next for Red, Liz, and Mr. Kaplan when "The Blacklist" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Click the video below to see a preview for the series’ next episode, “The Lindquist Concern.”