Tony Rosato has passed away at the age of 62. Rosato’s former agent (Larry Goldhar) stated that there will be an autopsy performed, but the suspected cause of death is due to a heart attack. The comedic veteran was best known for his short stint on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” and for his work on “SCTV.” Rosato played the memorable character Marcello, a clumsy TV chef whose kitchen antics led to disaster, on the “SCTV” sketch “Cooking with Marcello.” In the early 1990’s, Rosato lent his voice in “The Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3” and “Super Mario World” as Luigi.

Born in Naples, Italy but raised in Canada, Tony Rosato got his start in showbiz as a sketch comedian in 1980 for the Canadian show “SCTV.” He then joined the lineup at “SNL” for the 1981 to 1982 season. In 1985, Rosato was cast as Arthur Morelli in the police procedural “Night Heat,” and remained on the show until its end in 1989.

Mental illness is no laughing matter

In 2005, Rosato was charged with harassing his wife, and spent two years awaiting trial at Quinte Detention Centre, a maximum-security prison located in Napance, Ontario. By the time of his trial, Rosato had been diagnosed with Capgras syndrome, a condition that made Rosato believe his wife and daughter were replaced by impostors.

Instead of going back to prison, the judge ordered Rosato be committed to a mental institution. He was released on probation from the psychiatric facility in 2009. Rosato praised his anti-psychotic medication for helping him start over again. In a show of support, fellow Canadian and “SNL” alum Dan Aykrod attended Rosato’s trial.

A career reboot cut short for the talented actor and comedian

Movie stardom eluded Tony Rosato, but he did work steadily for several years. Occasional television roles came in the 1990’s. He appeared on shows such as “L.A. Law,” “Lonesome Dove,” and the Canadian cable movie “Kissinger and Nixon.” According to a Facebook post, it was the actor’s girlfriend, Tanya Moore, who discovered his body.