Kendall Jenner doesn't need a diet, but as a model, she doesn't need to add any weight to her tall slender figure either. In order not to overeat and put on unwanted pounds, Kendall is like most women in her age group... they try just about anything to keep that figure slim.

It appears that Kendall has found a way to keep from overeating with a new Appetite suppressor. When hearing those words, most folks conjure up thoughts of something used to suppress your appetite entailing a regiment of pills. You know those type of pills, the ones that put you in a frenzy while speeding up your metabolism, so you won't be hungry?

'Look' at what suppresses Kendall's appetite

With that said, pills are the furthest thing from the appetite suppressor that Kendall Jenner is using to stay slim. Her method doesn't involve something that goes in your mouth, but it does involve something you take in with your eyes! Yes, that's right.... Kendall is using a new appetite suppressor that you administer through your vision!

The writing or color is on the wall

According to AOL News, the Internet is going wild over Jenner's new appetite suppressor that is on her wall at home.

She had her living room wall painted the color that is scientifically proven to suppress your appetite. Fans of Kendall got to see this wall without knowing the back story behind it when she posted a picture of her Christmas tree last month. The wall behind that tree was painted a rosy or reddish pink after friends had told her about the Human Condition exhibit they had just come from.

Calm and not hungry

It was during dinner that Kendall learned from her friends that the color Baker-Miller Pink is "the only color scientifically proven to calm you and suppress your appetite. That was it, Kendall was sold on that color.

She contacted a painter who agreed to paint the room that color and she posted her thoughts online about how she feels about her new color scheme. Kendall writes, "I'm loving it."

Rush on paint?

So how many cans of paint will sell in the next few weeks in the color Baker-Miller Pink? Kendall Jenner, much like her famous Kardashian sisters, is a trend setter. So you can bet they'll be more rosy-pink walls than there were before Kendall's story hit the social media sites.

If you like how it looks... go for it!

AOL looked into the claims that Baker-Miller Pink has the effects that Kendall was told and found some research on the subject. While there are studies that have been done on the topic, "there isn't a definite conclusion either way." So if you find the color aesthetically pleasing, it can't hurt to give it a whirl! Here's to your appetite or not!