Chelsea Houska has had a lot of changes happen in her life over the last several months. The former teen mom announced she was expecting her second child back in July. She got married to Cole DeBoer in October in a very private ceremony. Fans are currently watching the beginning of her journey with her second pregnancy as Season 7B airs on MTV.

And baby makes four

It was never made clear when exactly Chelsea Houska was actually due with her new baby. She hinted several times around Valentine's Day, but an actual date was never given. Fans waited for more details, but she was quite private about her life this time around.

Houska and Cole DeBoer announced they would be adding a little boy to the family with cute gender reveal photos. Aubree was excited about becoming a big sister, and that was apparent in the photos.

There have been a lot of speculations about what Chelsea and Cole planned to name their child, but it was not revealed. She has been very up front about wanting to lead a semi-private life now. Joining the show as a pregnant teen was enough and she let so much of her privacy go back then. Now that she is a married, 25-year-old woman, it is likely that she will scale back until she is no longer a part of the "Teen Mom 2" show.

Chelsea and Jenelle's babies born a day apart

According to People, Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer welcomed their little boy at some point today.

She shared a photo of his little hand on Instagram to announce the birth, but no other details. It is assumed that mom and baby are doing well and that within the next few days, more information will be available. In an ironic turn of events, Jenelle Evans gave birth to her daughter just yesterday. The two are both on "Teen Mom 2" and actually developed a little feud over their pregnancies.

Fans were incredibly excited for Houska when she announced her pregnancy and when Evans announced her, they were quite harsh. Evans shaded Houska and the two exchanged blows a few times over the last few months.

It looks like the Teen Mom 2 family has plenty to celebrate this week!