Tika Sumpter, who plays Candace Young on "The Haves and the Have Nots," is engaged. The man she is engaged to is one of her co-stars that she doesn't even like on the show. They argue a lot, and he doesn't like her, either. Even though Officer Justin is married to a female judge, he is gay and in a relationship with Jeffery Harrington.

Nicholas James and Tika Sumpter are good actors on Tyler Perry's prime time television soap opera because even though they don't like each other on the show, they are very much in love in real life. They have a three-month-old baby girl named Ella-Loren.

Tika and Nicholas

Actress Tika Sumpter, 36, made the big announcement on Fox's "The Real" on Monday when she was a guest. After co-host Loni Love spotted Tika's big diamond, the conversation began about the engagement and the proposal. That was a treat because Sumpter doesn't usually talk about her personal life. In fact, she was far along in her pregnancy last year before she acknowledged who the father was. Nicholas and Tika's baby girl was born on October 8, 2016.

The proposal

When she was interviewed on "The Real," Tika shared how happy she is.

She glowed when she talked about her Christmas Day surprise proposal. She confessed that she went on a hunt throughout the house looking for presents from Nicholas. She was surprised when she saw that he had given her a Peloton bike. Tika thought that was all she was getting until Nicholas presented a beautiful letter to her saying it was from Ella-Loren.

After Tika read the beautiful letter from their three-month-old daughter, Nicholas proposed.

Tika didn't give any details about a wedding. In the meantime, she and Nicholas are enjoying their daughter. A week ago, Nicholas posted a photo on his Instagram page of a tiny hand touching his. He said it's so much love in such a tiny package.

Another photo included a selection of books sent to the baby from Oprah Winfrey for Ella-Loren's book club.

Watch Tika and Nicholas on "The Haves and the Have Nots" on Tuesday nights on OWN. You will see the parents, but don't expect to see their little princess until later when she's older.