Pregnancies and relationships are as normal as breakfast, lunch, and dinner within the Duggar patriarchy. Most women marry at an early age, and their main goal is ultimately motherhood. Some of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's eldest children already have families of their own. Josh Duggar and his spouse, Anna Keller, are parents to four babies. Even though his sex scandals caused controversy, the shame didn't deter suitors from his sisters. Jill Duggar is married to Derick Dillard, and they raise their firstborn, Israel David, together; she is pregnant for the second time, but so is her younger sibling Jessa Seewald.

The two women are ecstatic at the thought of a large brood. As their husbands work in ministry, the women serve alongside them. In November of last year, Jinger Duggar committed to her fiancé, Jeremy Vuolo, for an eternity. Before the newlyweds could toast to 2017, Duggar's mother and father give them some important reminders.

Marital bliss (and wisdom)

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. Since Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have thirty-two years of matrimonial wisdom, they shared it with their daughter and son-in-law. According to The Duggar Family Blog, the older couple writes, "We love each other more today than the day we married...Here's a few things we have shared with Jeremy and Jinger from our own experience." Their outline boasts of six tips.

In short, praise is encouraged and derogatory statements are discouraged. They recommend kindness, dates, and prayer as three key elements within a union. They explain, "Pray together and take your family regularly to a good Bible teaching church and watch what God does with you marriage and family!"

More weddings and more advice?

At less than twenty-years-old, Joy-Anna Duggar is in her first courtship with Austin Forsyth.

They're only dating right now, but it could lead to another televised nuptial. Even though their love is just beginning, no doubt family and friends freely give them advice. Duggar and Forsyth are very young, so if they choose commitment, they can learn from their resources at hand.