Hey, "Big Bang Theory" peeps. Unfortunately, we have to come at you, again, with these confusing delays in the schedule. Tonight, the new episode 13 of the current season 10 will not be airing for whatever reason. We don't have the answer. It could be a myriad of things, so we won't speculate. I'll just say that you guys will be able to see the new 13th installment, hit the airwaves next Thursday night, January 19th, 2017 in the 7pm central time slot, so be sure to make note of that.

Who wants to watch episode 3 again? No? Too bad

In the meantime, what CBS has on deck for tonight, is a lovely "Big Bang Theory" rerun.

It's the 3rd episode that was shown this season, titled: "The Dependence Transcendence." In it, we saw Sheldon, running into a lot of trouble, trying to keep up with all the late night work that Leonard and Howard were putting out. It also featured some other storylines with Raj and Bernadette spending some quality time together, and Penny and Amy's faculty party stuff. We believe that most of you die-hard fans probably caught that one on its original air date. However, for the few of you who didn't, tonight will be your big chance to watch it.

We got the synopsis, baby

Now, on to some good news that we have for you. We were able to dig up two,new storyline scoops for the upcoming episode 13 from our Trakt.tv sources.

They also delivered a title for it. It turns out that the producers decided to take a more romantic path with the naming of this one, so they called it: "The Romance Recalibration." This is in, no doubt, in reference to some Leonard and Penny drama that's going down.

Penny and Leonard's new agreement

Speaking of those two love birds, we'll just go ahead and jump right into their storyline.

It turns out that there's going to be a serious issue arise between these two as it's described that they might end up, needing a, what they're calling, "Relationship Agreement." Like wow. What the hell is that? If they get it, how will it effect them as they move forward? Those are the two questions that immediately jumped to my mind as I read that.

Hopefully, we'll see some answers pop up in this one.

Sheldon volunteers

Next, we've got the 2nd and last teaser for this installment. At some point, we're going to see Sheldon, agreeing to do some volunteer activities to do, what they're describing, "prepare one." If you don't know what the hell that means, you're in the same boat as me. I'm like: "What?" Anyways, that's all they included in the description with no further elaboration, so it'll just be a puzzle piece that we'll have to see get put into place when the episode airs.

Unfortunately, CBS has yet to drop the new promo clip for this one, so we couldn't get any additional insight from that at the moment, but certainly keep checking their official Youtube channel, this week, because they should get it up any day now. Stay tuned.