Constantine Maroulis, the Tony Award nominee and former American Idol contestant from Season 4, will be teaching a master class at Cortlandt School of Performing Arts in Croton-On-Hudson on January 28 from 3-7 PM at $150 per person. In the class, he will be covering how to be successful in the entertainment industry. There will be a Q&A and photos and autographs with Constantine himself!

'American Idol' and 'Rock of Ages' star speaks

Suzanne Rothberg: What intrigued you to get involved in teaching the class at Cortlandt School of Performing Arts?

Is that something you wanted to pursue for a while?

Constantine Maroulis: I love working with young hopefuls in music and theater. Its been a passion of mine for many years. I come from a long line of educators and teachers and I took pride in my higher education and my training as an actor. I’m looking forward to working with the kids. It’s going to be a fun experience.

Suzanne Rothberg: Were you invited to the Cortlandt School of Performing Arts, have you heard of the school?

Constantine Maroulis: I have heard of the school. I have a young daughter. Growing up in North Jersey, I’ve heard of it and seen it advertised. I don’t know any of the children there. A fan of mine and her daughter are big fans of "Rock of Ages," they supported my solo career, her daughter goes to school there.

She mentioned it and said that the school would love to have me. I’m bringing an incredible professional music director from New York City with me named Jonathan Ivie.

Suzanne Rothberg: What has it been like post-American Idol Season 4?

Constantine Maroulis: It’s been wonderful and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time since then.

Broadway was always my home, My new material is really exciting. We’ve been doing a bunch of tour dates in support of the new material. “Here I Come” and “She’s Just Rock and Roll!” are on Spotify doing very well.

Suzanne Rothberg: Are there any musicians or actors that you aspire to work with? You mentioned Steve Perry of Journey.

Constantine Maroulis: One of my dreams would be to introduce Journey into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! That would be really cool because I have become synonymous with Journey and “Don’t Stop Believing” because of "Rock of Ages" success. What I would like to do is work with Lin-Manuel Miranda on his next piece and he and I have been cool for years, so who knows?

Life after 'American Idol'

Suzanne Rothberg: Have you kept in touch with your former contestants of "American Idol"?

Constantine Maroulis: We had the big series finale last winter-spring, it was an awesome, massive television event, we were out there for two weeks, me and Daughtry back together again, Bo Bice from my Season 4. I’m friends with everyone.

Idol is the biggest television thing that’s ever happened. It changed the music industry and it was a decade and a half of television dominance and influence on pop culture. We’re all family and I keep in touch with them.

Suzanne Rothberg: Do you miss the fact that it’s no longer on the air anymore?

Constantine Maroulis: Yeah, I miss it for sure. I think people are starting to get nostalgic for it. I absolutely think it will make a comeback in the near future. Not on Fox, but it will figure out a new format where it can find a lucrative advertising base again, whether it’s some kind of streaming service. Imagine, a live streaming service of American Idol where you can influence the show by using your remote control.

I absolutely think that’s something that could happen and I think they should bring some of the contestants back.

Suzanne Rothberg: What’s next for you?

Constantine Maroulis: Touring, new music, pilot season, looking at a Broadway show as an actor and one as a producer and just staying blessed…trying to take good care of myself, I’m not much of a drinker. I’m trying to get ‘lean and mean’ for television season and with my kind of voice, you really have to take care of yourself.