"Days Of Our Lives" has lots of action for the fans this week! As legal problems and a custody battle are on the horizon in Salem, there is still a search for Stefano in full swing in Prague. If you don't want to know the details, don't keep reading! Spoilers will follow!

On Monday we will finally see Chloe reveal that Nicole is Holly's mother. When Nicole finds out who she is, she can't believe her best friend would keep that secret from her. Though she demands her baby back, the lines are drawn for a custody battle between the friends!

Nicole one step forward, two steps back

Nicole makes the mistake of saving Deimos from a would-be attacker. She ends up facing an attempted murder charge for her trouble. Along with her feelings about Chloe's deception, she is disgusted by how deceitful Deimos is. Justin works on her bail while Nicole has a surprise visitor. Spoilers reveal that Daniel will come see her about their daughter!

Belle comes back to Salem to see Claire. Chloe turns to her for her legal expertise in the custody battle against Nicole. She won't always agree with her client's moves, however. Eric continues to nurse Hope back to health but realizes he may need some help. Will he have to turn to someone to save Hope? Kayla and Steve get romantic in Prague.

Things are going so well for them!

Will the three power families go to war?

Abigail and Gabi work out the details of their plan of peace between the three families before there is a war. Sonny has his own idea to team up with Chad against Eduardo and Dario. Will they unite to stand against the Hernandez family? Will Gabi feel betrayed by Chad?Things heat up between Abigail and Chad!

The two finally rekindle a spark of what they had before. Marlena is trying to keep the peace between Rafe and Steve. She sets her own trap for Stefano. Shane has news and makes the trip to deliver it to them. Carrie and Rafe get a little closer. A lot has changed since they shared feelings, but will old memories surface? Lucas makes the decision to give Anne a helping hand. Where does Adrienne stand on this?