"Days Of Our Lives" is only on for four days this week. Friday the show will be pre-empted for the inauguration. The residents of Salem have no problems packing all the action into a shortened week.

If you don't want to know what happens, don't continue to read. Spoilers follow!

What is Deimos up to now?

Chloe and Nicole overhear a sneaky Deimos as he is issuing a deadly threat to someone. Chloe already doesn't like him, but will Nicole try to overlook it and see the best in her fiance'? He is in a hurry to tie the knot and tries to persuade her to elope.

He can't keep his dirty secrets forever!

Brady contemplates the situation with Chloe and Holly. He finally confronts Chloe at the end of the week! This will be one of the cliffhangers for the long weekend for the cast of "Days of Our Lives".

Eric is the new hero! Upon his release from prison, he rushes back to Salem and he manages to save Hope's life. He keeps her hidden from the police. While it looks like he is out to redeem himself, actor Greg Vaughn stated on Twitter that his return may be a bit darker than is expected.

A turf war in the making!

The shady business dealings only get worse when Ed and Dario realize that Deimos has their device. As it is coming to a war between Dario, Sonny, and Chad, both Gabi and Abigail figure out there is trouble.

The two want to intervene and de-escalate the situation before it is too late. To complicate it even more, Chad is not happy that Dario is his wife's ally.

Jennifer is very interested in JJ's dock investigation. He is upset, however, because his reporter Mom never should have looked at the documents he had from the police department!

Jade and Joey move in with Ciara, Claire, and Theo. Valerie ends up helping Theo and Claire when they need tips on how to handle some bad publicity.

Austin and Carrie are on Anna's heels as they worry that she will do something crazy and get in trouble again. In other trouble on the gang chasing Stefano, Steve gets shot! Kayla and Sonny plan a trip to reunite with Steve and Paul in Prague.

Kate gives Eduardo the boot, but he wants her back!