Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. It's a new day with new spoilers for the upcoming Thursday, January 5th,2017 installment! And let me tell you, they're about to knock your socks off, because some major shifts will take place. We've only got two plotline reveals, again, but the seriousness of them, more than outweighs the quantity. We've got Quinn, for some reason, thinking it's a good idea to unload the whole truth to Ivy! Meanwhile, Ridge will be looking to get Steffy replaced as CEO.

She just lets it all fly

I'm going to go ahead and start this Thursday teaser off with this weird-sounding Quinn and Ivy situation.

It turns out that Ivy has made a very trustworthy impression on Quinn as she will think that's it's ok to just spill all of her problem details right in her lap. She's going to talk about all the current struggles that she's been having in marriage to Eric, and it won't just stop there. She'll also go on to talk about all the issues she's currently having at work, and so on, and so forth.

Ivy definitely casts a magic spell of truth on her or something. This scenario should make for an interesting scene. The big question ,now, is what will Ivy do with all this intel? Will she just keep it to herself, or will she let it all fly? It's definitely going to be quite intriguing to find out.

Will he succeed this time?

And to wrap things up for today, we've got this second and last scoop, which involves Ridge and Eric. It turns out that Ridge is going to pay him a very special visit to have a conversation that is probably not going to bode well for Steffy. You see, he's going to attempt to get Eric to change his mind about who he has assigned to the CEO position.

Unfortunately, there's no further elaboration on this, so we don't know how successful his attempt will turn out to be.

I'm really curious as to how Steffy will feel about this once she finds out, and we don't need any spoiler reveals to know she will eventually become privy to this conversation. That's just nearly always the way it goes. Whichever way this plays out, it'll definitely give us some intriguing footage to watch. Stay tuned.