Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" peeps. I've got another round of spoiler dish to share with guys ,today, for the upcoming Wednesday, January 25th,2017 episode. We were able to dig up a strong, two storyline scoop reveal from the TV Guide folks. It turns out that this whole new attitude that Ridge is showing Quinn, is just too much for the family, so some questions are going to get raised. We're also going to see Quinn, cooking up some sort of new plot that she thinks will get the Forresters to reunite again, and more.

They want answers, dammit

I'll go ahead and jump right into the Ridge interrogation stuff, first.

It turns out that Ridge has just been way too kind and soft to Quinn ,here lately, for his family to wrap their heads around, so that of course, will lead them to get extremely suspicious about what's really going on between them. So much, in fact, that they will actually stage a huge interrogation plot against him, so they can get him alone and run a wicked third degree grilling session on him!

Beyond that, they didn't reveal anything further, so we don't know how intense this questioning session will get, if Ridge will be totally honest with him, or what kind of questions will actually get asked. Hopefully, all that will play out over, at least, the next two episode, if not this one. One thing's for sure, is this session is definitely going to give us some great, drama-filled scenes.

She thinks she can make it all better

Next, we've got the second and last teaser for tomorrow's installment. It involves another Quinn and Eric scene. It turns out that we'll be seeing her, trying to run another idea past him that will supposedly, magically bring his family back together again. I couldn't track down any intel on what this new, fancy idea of Quinn's might entail, so we're going to ,pretty much, be in the dark on that until she spits it out during tomorrow's episode.

What we do know is that it'll be very interesting to see exactly what it is that she's come up with and what Eric's reaction will be to it. Will he like it and go along with it? Or tell Quinn that she's lost her freaking mind? Hopefully, we'll see an answer to those questions, take place in this episode.

Alright, people. That is going to end this session for today.

As always, we're pretty sure that the episode will feature another scene or two, but these that we covered here, should be were the bulk of the focus is directed. Anything else is most likely going to be borderline filler, if not total filler. But you can possibly catch a teaser clip on the show's official Youtube channel later on today. Stay tuned.