Since his untimely passing in November 1991, the "Radio Ga Ga" and "Another One Bites the Dust" legend that was Freddie Mercury has not really left us. Let's face facts. He was a one-off. A unique talent whose stage presence and lifestyle were the stuff of legend, and whose voice soared to almost five octaves. It therefore seems fitting that the surviving members of Queen have been planning to release a biopic of their iconic frontman. Its been a work in progress since the idea came to light in 2010, with Sacha Baron Cohen originally slotted in for the part.

Creatively, there were differences, however, and despite his continued involvement over several years the project seemed a non-starter.

'Mr Robot' star Rami Malek to step into the fray

Now it looks like the plan may be back on track with "The Theory of Everything" screenwriter Anthony McCarten. The part of Freddie seemed to be sealed and signed in the form of Ben Wishaw - Q in the two more recent Bond films. However, a fresh name in the arena has emerged: "Mr Robot" star and Emmy award winner Rami Malek.

Other parts pencilled in include Gemma Arterton as Mary Austin, Freddie's long-term partner and South African-born Johnny Flynn as Roger Taylor. Initial talks have been underway with Hollywood producers and Sony Pictures in particular, but the underlying impression is to keep it as more of an English movie.

Unearthing a director for the film wasn't without challenge either. "Eddie the Eagle" architect Dexter Fletcher was involved until two years ago, but stepped down, claiming differences of opinion with producers. The latest names in the ring are "X Men: Apocolypse" director Bryan Singer and producers 20th Century Fox, along with Graham King.

'Bohemian Rhapsody'

But despite the friction behind the scenes and the ups and downs, the project currently with the working title "Bohemian Rhapsody" looks to be finally going ahead early this year. Yet on the back of all the false starts, you do begin to clearly understand why surviving members Brian May and Roger Taylor have been so hesitant with getting things underway.

It is simply that the person chosen to play Freddie has to be so authentic it would become virtually impossible to tell them apart.

Little wonder when you realize the band had been together since 1970 and the loss of such an iconic figurehead in such tragic circumstances left an almost indelible mark. Not just on the surviving band, but also the legions of global fans. On the back of that, you cannot help but feel that Rami Malek has one mighty pair of boots to fill.