In an update on the Megyn Kelly situation at NBC, its been revealed by insiders that the network has big plans for the former Fox News journalist. Two different reports suggest a shakeup underway with Kelly.

'Today' show shifting formats

One source tells Radar Online that Megyn Kelly will be part of a "Today" show shift in format. The change would mean that Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford would host the 9 a.m. hour, while Megyn hosts the 10 a.m. hour of the show. This leaves Gifford competing with rival, Kelly Ripa on ABC's "Live." Apparently it's stirring a lot of animosity between Gifford and Ripa over who can get the biggest bookings.

The source goes on to claim that if guests say they'd rather appear on "Today," then they'll never be asked to "Live" again.

In a separate report by Page Six, an insider claims that NBC head, Andy Lack, wants to head in a more conservative direction with the network. Hiring Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren was a crucial step in doing this. Apparently Lack believes he's making MSNBC and NBC into the "next Fox."

Page Six reports that Megyn signed a contract for about $12 million a year, about $3 million less than what she earned at Fox News. She'll host the 10 a.m hour of "Today," as well as host a Sunday talk show. When Kelly was initially hired, reports stated that NBC also plans to use Kelly for breaking news coverage and other special news events.

An NBC rep said Andy Lack's main interest is "tilting toward" more good journalism.

Speculations persist over hiring

Speculations persist that Megyn's presence at NBC means someone is going to get the shaft. One rumor going around is that Al Roker and Tamron Hall will be squeezed out of their third hour of hosting the "Today" show to make room for Kelly.

When the former Fox News anchor was hired, it was suspected that Kelly was going to replace Savannah Guthrie, who hosts the first few hours of the show with Matt Lauer. Other reports alleged that Lauer knew nothing about the hiring until it was publicly announced.

The network hasn't confirmed the reported claims about their plans for Megyn Kelly.