Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News and joining NBC News to host two new shows. She will also cover breaking news and some political news. Her last day at Fox News is on Friday, January 6, 2017. No date has been revealed as far as when she will begin her new job at NBC News.

Kelly is leaving the cable network where she has worked for 12 years. The seasoned anchor reportedly had been offered more than $20 million a year to stay with Fox News, but she said it's not about the money. She wants to be away from Fox News to spend more time with her three young children and to change her lifestyle.

In February 2016, Kelly signed a $10 million book deal with HarperCollins to write an autobiography. Kelly's book, "Settle for More" was released on November 15, 2016. Apparently, Kelly is taking her own advice that she wrote in the book and moving on in this new year.

Megyn Kelly's statement

Kelly posted a long statement on her Facebook page on Tuesday. She explained her upcoming move. First, she said she has been incredibly enriched by the experiences she has had at Fox News. She went on to say that her job at the cable network has changed her life. She agreed to join NBC News to launch a new daytime show that will air Monday through Friday. Additionally, she will launch a Sunday evening news magazine program.

She will also cover breaking news, political news, and special events at NBC.

Megyn Kelly's career at Fox News

The 46-year-old political commentator and former corporate defense attorney started her career at Fox News as a legal correspondent in 2004. She quickly moved up the ladder to become one of the network's most talented employees.

In October 2013, she began hosting her own nightly program, "The Kelly File." Kelly became the second-most-watched host on cable news behind Bill O'Reilly.

When Kelly served as moderator of the presidential debate in August 2015, she received a lot of publicity because of the feud between her and the then-Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Now that all that is behind her, she is moving on to new and exciting things. Kelly's contract with Fox News doesn't expire until next summer, but she is leaving six months before then. The dates of her two new shows at NBC are not yet known, along with the terms of her contract with the network.