"The Bachelor" contestant Corinne Olympios isn't really a bad girl, she just plays one on TV. Or at least that's what her mother Peri has to say when asked about her daughter getting portrayed as this season's villain.

Although Nick Viall seems to enjoy his time with Corinne, the 24-year-old has been creating quite a buzz since the moment she took her swimsuit top off during a Week 2 group date. And that wasn't all — she made it clear that she would stop at nothing to get the final rose from Nick and during Week 3 she proved that with just a little whipped cream, a trench coat, and a bouncy house, she could get Nick's undivided attention.

Now her mother is speaking out and making it loud and clear that her daughter isn't as bad as she's portrayed on TV. She says that the reality TV show is "fake" and her daughter was "pushed" into playing this season's bad girl.

Corinne is playing along

Corinne's mom, Peri tells TMZ that "The Bachelor" producers went "all-out" to give her the villain edit. She points to the whipped cream and trench coat moment and the topless photo shoot as examples of how producers talked Corinne into doing things that would make her one of the most controversial contestants on the show. And it's working — between the tweets and the comments on Facebook, it's clear that her rise to fame is all based on her naughty behavior with Nick Viall.

Corinne's mom threatens fans with legal action

Although Corinne may have been talked into taking things a bit too far on "The Bachelor," there's no doubt that she could have said no. She's basking in the glory of her new-found popularity, too — Corinne already has a talent rep on her Instagram and is promoting products on social media.

Sounds like her villain edit is paying off.

However, her mother says that some fans have been calling her home in Florida to "take shots at her daughter," something she wants to stop. During her conversation with TMZ, Mama Olympios said she's tracking all of the phone numbers and will go to the police with them when she is ready.

More drama ahead

Chances are that Corinne's mom will have to put up with the comments online for awhile. While fans calling her house isn't cool at all, there are rumors that Corinne will be heading to "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer if she doesn't win Nick's final rose.

Do you think Corinne had to be talked into her bad girl role on "The Bachelor" or is playing along because she enjoys being in the spotlight?