After Donald Trump took the oath of office and became the new commander in chief on Inauguration Day, the estimated total that watched the event in person was around 200,000. Trump and his administration have since pushed back at the reported attendance figures, prompting critics like Bill Maher to speak out.

Maher on Conway

While speaking with "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd over the weekend, former Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway attempted to defend the recent comments made by the new president and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who accused the media of lying about the inauguration crowd size.

Conway told Todd that the administration was just giving "alternative facts" to help clarify the issue at hand. Todd quickly pushed back, referring to "alternative facts" as "falsehoods." Conway has since received heavy backlash for her remarks, which included comedian Bill Maher, who gave his thoughts with a January 23 post on Twitter.

"Chuck Todd: "Alternative facts aren't facts, they're falsehoods" -Yes! Let that be the north star for media," Bill Maher tweeted out Monday night, before adding, "#AlwaysBeCallingOut on bullshit." Maher's comments echo much of the sediment from the left over the last 24 hours since the Kellyanne Conway interview on "Meet the Press." At one point over the weekend, the hashtag "#Alternativefacts" was trending across Twitter.

"Real Time" reaction

Hours after Donald Trump was sworn into office last week, Bill Maher returned to HBO and kicked off the 15th season of "Real Time with Bill Maher." As expected, much of the show was devoted to the inauguration, as the liberal comedian ripped into the new president from start to finish.

With Trump's presidency starting at the same time the show's new season begins, Maher is expected not to hold back as each episode airs.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and the rest of the administration continue to receive harsh criticism from the media and their political opponents, it doesn't appear to be a breaking point for the former host of "The Apprentice." With his supporters continuing to stick by his side, Trump is unlikely to change his tune and time soon.