The "Alaskan Bush People" have squeezed out another season and the pressure is on to give the masses something to talk about. With the ratings waning, they need to grab enough viewers so the show doesn't become obsolete. New additions to Browntown this season give the "Alaskan Bush People" a few more props to work with, but is this enough?

Farm prop

Both props are living and breathing, starting with a cow that the family welcomed as if it were a long-lost relative, That bovine love affair only lasted a month, as the cow was brought into Browntown by the producers of the "Alaskan Bush People," used for a month and then given away.

This cow prop went to a good home, but that cow was like a trinket, not a family pet. It apparently wasn't the never-ending milk dispenser that the family drooled over when it first came to Browntown. As the Inquisitr suggests, the cow was there for ratings and when filming finished up, the cow was gone.

If you think about it, this was probably a good thing for the cow. It was given to a farm where it could roam with other cows. This has to be better than leaving the animal out in the open in an area saturated with hungry wolves and bears.

Girlfriend prop

While a human being is not a prop, the 'Alaskan Bush People' did bring in someone new as a love interest for Noah.

Her name is Rhain, which is pronounced the same as Rain, Noah's sister. While the producers of the "Alaskan Bush People" probably thought people would tune in to see Noah's romance bloom, there may be another reason Noah's love affair will entice the viewers. This sappy guy is unlucky in love and if he doesn't brush up on his wooing techniques, Rhain may not be a permanent prop!

Noah's romance history a bust

As the Alaskan Dispatch reminds their readers, Noah made a mess out of his previous attempts at finding love. While all the Brown boys are a bit odd when compared to their peers, Noah is probably the Brown son who takes the cake in that department. With his weird poems and his reference to love sounding more like a recipe for open heart surgery, many will tune in to see how long this will last.

The last time Noah was seen wooing a girl, Ami Brown, his mother, asked the girl if she liked children the first time she met her. It was easy to see that Christie, who was a local Hoonah girl, was considered a possible vessel for Ami to get grand babies. Considering that they all live in the woods, the majority of them swing from the trees and they put no emphasis on oral health, that was probably enough for the girl not to hang in there for very long. Let's not forget that bizarre howling they do as a family wolf pack, that has to be a deal breaker for prospective mates.

Backwoods folks or high rollers?

There is already some confusion about how Noah met Rhain. The story for the sake of the "Alaskan Bush People" show has Rhain running into Noah on the docks when she visited Hoonah for the first time.

That sounds a bit more romantic than they met in Las Vegas, as that doesn't fit into the rural theme of the show.

Yet pictures of the two in Vegas have surfaced online. Did the "Alaskan Bush People" use a human as a prop, or is Noah fancying this woman? More importantly, does Rhain have a romantic interest in Noah or is she just playing a role for the sake of the show? Will this "Alaskan Bush People" season go down in reality show history as the season of Rhain and the cow? Probably not.