The nation caught a glimpse of Melania and Barron Trump's mother-son relationship during the past few days of celebrations for the nation's new president, Donald Trump. The media provided a window for the nation, which gave the masses the opportunity to watch both Melania and Barron as they attended the inauguration events. Those same cameras captured a few private moments between the mother and son as well.

Doting soon back in style?

It looks like Melania will not only dazzle us with her fashion sense, but with her mothering skills around Barron as well.

A few private moments between the mother and son were captured on camera recently and they were seen as endearing to many across the social media sites. Melania Trump might just bring the doting mother back into fashion and with the way many of the nation's kids are left to fend for themselves today, it could be a welcomed change.

When the world first met Melania during her husband's journey to the White House, one of the first things she revealed about herself is that she is a mother to Barron Trump first. She had no qualms about letting the nation know that while she supported her husband's run for office, being a mother to their 10-year-old son is her priority.

Barron looks older than his years

Barron is only 10, but he looks much older than his years because he is tall and his mode of dress fits in more with Wall Street than the neighborhood playground. At one point during the many ceremonies on Friday, Melania was seen adjusting her son's tie. Barron reacted just as you would expect any preteen to react while his mom was fussing over him in public.

He looked a bit embarrassed.

Hand-holding move

At one point when the Trump family got out of the car and walked down Pennsylvania Avenue as the new first family, Melania gently reached over to hold her son's hand. Once again that preteen behavior took over as Barron snatched his hand back from his mom, leaving him looking embarrassed for a second time.

Despite Barron's normal reaction, there is nothing wrong with showing affection to your child in public, within reason.

Melania's doting style was subtle, and done more out of concern for her son than his tie. She could see what those of you at home could see. There were a few times that Barron looked as if he didn't quite know what to do, as all the crowds cheered for the new first family wherever they went. That little tightening of the tie and reaching for her son's hand allowed this Doting Mom to give her son reassurance without saying a word. It seemed to work because he did become more at ease as time went on.

Normal preteen reaction

Barron's reaction was as normal as normal can get for his age group.

The last thing he wanted was to be seen holding hands with his mom at his age. But little does Barron realize that his mom's doting behavior toward him, has rubbed off. Barron has picked up some of his mom's doting habits, which was demonstrated while his dad signed his first documents as President Trump.

Barron learns to dote

With the extended family all around him, President Trump signed the traditional executive orders that new president's before him have done within hours of being sworn into office. Barron watched over his dad's shoulder until the noise of a baby fussing distracted him. The baby was in Ivanka's arms and Barron gravitated right to the little fellow.

Uncle Barron came to the rescue and he could be seen in the background of his father's paper signing playing peek-a-boo with the baby.

He was a doting uncle, pulling from his own experiences to care for this infant by distracting him with a game of peek-a-boo. This was a scene that Fox News calls a "sweet moment."

Handed down from mother to son?

Within a few hours on Friday you got to see Melania Trump doting over Barron and then Barron taking what he learned from his own life-experience to sooth his nephew. Maybe Melania will bring doting back into fashion along with her exquisite fashion sense?