President Donald Trump is an early morning riser, as the reporters from Fox and Friends have noted this week. The lights in President Trump's living quarters are on much earlier than they have been over the past eight years.

It was only 6 a.m. when Fox and Friends showed the White House with the lights blinking on and off in a window on the top floor. Those lights seemingly blinked on cue, after Fox and Friends asked if they would blink the lights on and off at the White House if anyone was watching them. Apparently, they were, or it was Fox and Friends playing around with special effects.

Lights blinking for 'Fox and Friends'

It didn't take long for Fox and Friends to show a shot of the White House with the lights in one window blinking on and off. This is what is so different about Donald Trump and his administration. While he is all about getting right to work, as also seen this week, he is a president who is very approachable to the American people.

Even before Donald Trump set sail with his campaign on his journey to the White House, he's been a welcomed guest of the Fox News station. The morning show over at Fox News would talk to Trump by phone every Monday morning. Trump would call into Fox and Friends and talk with Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, which was before she left the Fox News station.

Donald Trump old friend

Brian and Steve are still on the curvy couch, and Ainsley Earhardt is now the full-time on-air personality who replaced Hasselbeck. These three, as well as the rest of the Fox News people, treat Donald Trump with fairness and they aren't one of the mainstream news channels seemingly working overtime trying to discredit the new president of the nation.

While the Monday morning phone calls have stopped, Donald Trump is still someone very happy to talk with Fox News, or seemingly happy to blink the White House lights for the Fox and Friends show as seen on Wednesday morning. He is approachable, very approachable like a friendly next door neighbor.

Hits the ground running

The lights might be blinking, offering up an early morning smile for anyone who watched the morning show, but President Trump is expected to hit the ground running once again today.

He is on a roll in his attempt to right the wrongs of the past administrations and getting the country back on track. As CNN News reports, he's already seen as the friend of the blue collar worker with the trade deals he has in the works after pulling out of TPP.

So, if you happened to see the lights blink on and off in the White House this morning, it wasn't an electrical glitch, it was either Donald Trump or as Brian Kilmeade suggested, "the guy making coffee," letting Fox and Friends know they are watching them in the White House today! There is also an outside chance the Fox and Friends cast had some special effects going on making it look as if the White House lights were blinking on cue!