Shemar Moore has heard rumors that he is gay, and he wants to shut the rumors down. In a recent interview, he responded to the rumors and called the speculation about his sexuality "simple minded ignorance." During a question and answer period on BET on Friday, December 9, the former "Criminal Minds" star denied that he is gay.

Moore's remarks

The 46-year-old "Bounce Back" actor says he thinks the rumors are silly. In fact, he says he loves women and has dated plenty of them. He has a lot of female fans that he calls "Baby Girl Nation." That title is a spin-off of what his character, Derek Morgan, used to call Penelope Garcia on "Criminal Minds" for 11 seasons.

Moore added that he has many gay fans, and he appreciates them. Many gay men said they are inspired by Shemar and want to take pictures with him. Shemar explained that taking pictures with gay men does not make him gay. Besides, he takes pictures with lots of straight men and women.

How rumor started

The rumor about Shemar's sexuality started last March when he was seen in a video hanging out with a fan in what appeared to be an LGBTQ nightclub. As soon as the video appeared online, Moore took to Instagram hoping to stop those who were spreading rumors about his heterosexuality. He insinuated that they had no proof for labeling him as a gay man based on where he had been.

Moore says he wants the rumors to stop about his sexual preference.

He tells men if they think he is gay to send their girlfriends over to his house for the weekend and see what happens. He tells the women who think he is gay to visit him and find out for sure. Moore says he is confident, comfortable, and straight.

It is quite apparent that the actor is tired of the rumors. It seems that whenever the rumors die down for a while, somebody starts them again.

Shemar is hoping that after what he said during the BET interview that the rumors will stop once and for all. For now, he is emphatically saying he is not gay. Many people believe him and think that if the handsome actor is gay, he would be confident enough to say so instead of vehemently denying it.