Country singer Naomi Judd's tell-all book has some shocking reveals about the 70-year-old "Mama He's Crazy" hit maker's life and her plans to commit suicide when she was fighting her long and dangerous battle with depression. As a popular solo and duet singer with her daughter Wynonna Judd, known as "The Judds," Naomi kept a huge dark secret from her family and fans for many years, one that nearly ended her life that she is now ready to share publicly.

Naomi Judd's scary, life-altering battle revealed!

In her new tell-all book "River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope," which is due out on December 6th, Judd describes her long battle with depression which she reveals was brought on by years of childhood sexual abuse and drugs.

Judd reveals that things got so bad for her during a three-year-span that she kept out of the public eye and made plans to end her life by suicide. Not only did Naomi plan her death, she even planned a back-up suicide plan. Describing her first suicide plan to end her life in 2013, she shares the horrifying details of her plan step by step.

Naomi writes that she planned to drive her car to the middle of the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge located just miles from her home in Nashville, Tennessee. She continues, stating how she would drive to the center, the highest point of the bridge, fling her car door open, run to the bridge's railing, and climb on top.

Next, she details how she would focus her attention on the beautiful scenery around the bridge, open her arms wide, and take one final step to her death.

Judd's detail of the 155- foot fall would land her straight down in the middle of State Route 96 and then her sadness and depression would be over once and for all.

Judd then goes on to describe how she concocted a backup suicide plan after her grandson described his pain and horror of a stranger taking his life the same way on the same bridge.

Listening to her beloved grandson's pain over the thought of the stranger's death was more than she could bear, and thinking that he could possibly be the one called to the scene to identify her brought tears.

However, the demons of her depression were haunting her every day, so badly that she planned a second suicide plan.

Naomi writes how she began stashing pills along with one of her husband Larry Strickland's guns. "I wanted to have options when I was certain I couldn't go on one more day," she explains.

30-months of treatment saved Naomi Judd's life!

Thankfully, Larry returned home one day to find Naomi sitting on their bed with the gun in her shaking hands. After managing to remove the gun from her, he told her he would not be leaving her alone again until she sought help and was completely well. Naomi agreed to seek help after years of suffering from depression, undergoing a series of treatments, including electroconvulsive therapy, acupuncture, Al-Non, and DBT therapy.

Today, Naomi Judd reveals she has found a new appreciation for life and is at peace after 30-months of horrific treatment. Fans can read of Naomi Judd's story when her tell-all hits stores everywhere on Tuesday, December 6th.