When R&B singer and former “American Idol” contestant Fantasia Barrino began her soul-stirring rendition of David and Melissa Helser’s song “Abba,” something other-worldly happened at a recent concert held in Florida. According to several posts on social media, at least 10 people committed their lives to Christ upon hearing the worship song. Even though many were touched by Fantasia’s performance, and even praised her for providing spiritual nourishment, there were those who rebuked her wardrobe choice. This contrast sparked a contentious debate online after viewers saw Facebook posts of the concert.

It appears there are some who cannot overlook the singer’s skimpy “bathing suit-like” costume. Fantasia begs to differ. The North Carolina native explained that she ends her shows, including her current “The Definition of Tour,” in worship. Coming from a church background of gospel singers which includes cousins (R&B singers/brothers) JoJo and K-Ci of Jodeci fame, Fantasia states this is her ministry. K-Ci and JoJo, by the way, are also related to powerhouse singer Stephanie Mills and R&B crooner Dave Hollister, who is also related to Fantasia. Musical talent certainly runs in this family’s blood.

Fantasia's concert of conversion

The Christian Post have reached out to Fantasia’s camp after getting wind of complaints and praise regarding the performance and claims of commitment.

One Maryland resident who was in attendance at the concert did not appreciate the singer trying to do praise and worship while so questionably dressed. On the other hand, a Miami resident who attended with his wife said he felt the move of God. The concert-goer said he would not be surprised if people were saved and was amazed and grateful to have witnessed it all.

Some critics warn against criticizing Fantasia for what she was wearing, pointing out God could use anybody, anywhere, any time. One commentator noted that you never know who was present at the particular concert that God had been trying to reach. Fantasia is just a vessel and could probably reach more souls on Sunday than any historical Southern Baptist Church.

Fantasia’s true calling

Fantasia alluded to the aftermath of the presidential election before singing “Abba.” The “Summertime” singer reflected on how much was going on in the world today but told the audience to understand that God is their president. He is the only one to put your trust in and chase after. She proceeded to tearfully ask what happened to praying for your brothers and sisters before requesting that concert-goers lift their hands in worship. Fantasia reminded everyone it was not her, but the anointing on her life.