Zsa Zsa Gabor has been in failing health for several years, in fact, she has been reported to have been near death numerous times over the years, more times than can be counted off-hand. However, she has continued to hang on, long after many had counted her out. A recent report now claims that the 99-year-old actress is nearing the end and that her husband Prince Von Anhalt is allegedly taking advantage of her fragile state to cash in on every last dime while he can during her final days.

Prince Von Anhalt gives the O.K. for photo shoot in Gabor home

The Hollywood icon's current spouse has reportedly set up a deal with a magazine out of Europe for a professional stylist to come into Gabor's home, a Bel Air mansion that used to belong to the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. The stylist will go through each of Gabor's clothes closets and pull out her favorite and priceless gowns, making sure to select only the finest which will be worn by models who will be photographed in various poses throughout Gabor's home. This is all to be done without Zsa Zsa's knowledge, or consent as she is bedridden unable to move, or coherently understand what is going on around her.

Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor nearing the end

Gabor, who last made news headlines last February, just two days shy of her 99th birthday after she was rushed to a nearby hospital after she was found struggling to breathe. Gabor's team of doctors found that the classic film star had developed a serious lung infection brought on by her feeding tube.

Zsa Zsa is best known for her long and extensive acting career as well as her love for men. Throughout her life she has been married nine times, divorced seven and annulled once. She is also well known for being very open and honest when it comes to her love of men -- once stating that men have always been drawn to her, and she to them, revealing that her favorite type of men are rugged and well educated in the ways to properly treat a woman.

Zsa Zsa Gabor has remained out of the public eye, with health updates being controlled by her ninth husband Von Anhalt.