Adrienne Bailon is now Mrs. Israel Houghton. The co-host of "The Real" and the Gospel singer got married last Friday, November 11 in Paris. On Tuesday, November 15, Houghton joined the ladies on their talk show to see for the first time footage of his wedding to his bride of three days. Every chance she got, Adrienne referred to Houghton as "my husband." The 33-year-old talk show host and the 45-year-old gospel singer seemed very happy.

Wedding in Paris

Paris means a lot to Adrienne and Israel. They first met there ten years ago. On August 12 while on vacation, they became engaged in front ot the Eiffel Tower.

Adrienne and Houghton's co-ed wedding shower hosted by Adrienne's sister, Claudette Bailon, had a Paris theme. So, it was quite fitting for Adrienne to take her fellow co-hosts along with her to Paris to celebrate the big day.

It appears that Adrienne had included her co-hosts in the planning and preparation of her wedding. In the footage, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry were seen helping out wherever they could. Loni and Tamera ended up carrying Adrienne's 20-foot French lace train down the aisle because it was too heavy to be dragged. All three of Adrienne's co-hosts made remarks during the reception.

Unique wedding

The night before the wedding, Adrienne celebrated with her wedding guests on a cruise around Paris.

On the day of the wedding, the women in Adrienne's family gathered around and prayed for her in a very touching scene. Adrienne sent Israel ten notes to read at different intervals while he waited in his dressing room. The notes were expressions of love. Adrienne's 11th note was her wedding vows to Israel that she read at the altar.

It is assumed that 11 was symbolic because their wedding date was on 11-11.

About 70 people celebrated the Paris wedding. After the reception Adrienne and Israel shared a few details about what happened after the wedding and reception. Israel said when he opened the door to their honeymoon suite, he saw gigantic revealing portraits all around the walls. Adrienne explained that they are called "boudoir photos." Reading between the lines, viewers sensed the couple had abstained from intimacy until their wedding night.