“MasterChef India Season 5” is a cooking reality show aired very Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 PM on Star Plus in India is one of the most favourite shows of the Indian households. The show is getting high TRP’s and remains most watched show during the weekends.

Master Chef 2016 episode 10 was aired on October 30, 2016, and the theme of the episode was Diwali special. It was an elimination episode and the losing team from episode 9 had to face the elimination round.

Episode 9

Previously in episode 9 the contestants were divided into two teams: Red team and Blue team.

Both teams had to cook food for police candidates and officers at the Maharashtra Police Training Centre. The challenge was to prepare the food for police personnel which reminds them of their home festive food. Each team cooked seven dishes for 200 candidates, and Anagha’s Red team won the votes of the policemen.

Elimination challenge

So Blue team lost the challenge and went into the elimination round. The home cooks going into elimination were Samantha, Dinesh, Ajay, Jatin, Ashima, Sreelakshmi, and Mirvaan. They were given 75 minutes to prepare a dish inspired by the crackers.

Ashima cooked gulab flavoured chocolate rocket; Jatin made gulab jamun bomb, Dinesh prepared honey bomb mousse, Samantha made smoked red snapper with makka puri, Ajay’s dish was choco lava cake with gulkand tuille, Mirvaan made doodh jalebi, and SreeLakshmi cooked sweet pooha with apple fritters.

Guest Judge ‘Pastry Queen Sanjana Patel.'

SreeLakshmi, Mirvaan and Ajay’s dish were weakest, and they had to face the elimination challenge that was given by the guest judge Sanjana Patel “The Queen of Pastry”.

Sanjana gave them the challenge to copy her dish called “Nanniji’s Kheer Royale”. SreeLakshmi proved to be weakest this time and was eliminated while Ajay and Mirvaan remained safe.

The coming episode is going to be a sweet surprise as the dancing stars Shakti Mohan and Raghav visit the sets of the show, and Raghav demands contestants to prepare a dish that would please Shakti.

The judges for this season includeChef Zorawar Kalra along with two former judges Chef Vikas Khanna and Chef Kunal Kapoor.