Who is Jennifer Hammon?

The actor apparently had carnal knowledge of the actress, who was his personal assistant in some movies. According to sources close to the Actor, Cruise and Hammon were very close until the church head David Miscavige (church of Scientology) was aware of the professional background of Hammon, nothing less than a porn actress. Immediately, Tom Cruise was advised to break up bonds with her, finishing the relationship.

David Miscavige discovered the tapes of her after the shooting of a Scientology marketing movie called "The Married Couple." Jennifer Hammon became popular after she performed in the adult film called “Allyson is Watching."

She kept all of this a secret while working as an assistant of Cruise in movies as “The Last Samurai” and “Collateral,” but after the relationship was gaining notoriety, she couldn’t manage the secret of her past.

It seems it was only a matter of time before such secrets would come to light.

How big of an influence was Scientology on the relationship?

"It was a colossal problem," a former Scientologist allocated to watch over Jennifer Hammon told Radar. The Scientology associates of the church thought she shamed the religious, and stifled Tom since she was very present in his world. After revealing the past of Hammon, they instantly broke up. For the church, the past of a woman must be decent, according to Marc Headley, a former Scientology manager: "The woman has to be flawless in all aspects."

After that breakup, Tom Cruise started dating Katie Holmes, who would become in his wife. By the way, Katie looks like Hammon in a certain way.

If the past of Jennifer Hammon would not have led to the dissolution of that relationship, they (Tom and Jennifer) probably could have been married by now.

Although they were not photographed in public, they were present in the opening ceremony of the church in 2004 held in Spain. Moreover, their families were close. Sue Hammon, Jennifer’s mother, has confirmed that she met Tom and his mother in the past.