For the Chinese government, "Pokémon GO" has been considered a game that is too dangerous, which is why they have decided to ban it. Because of this, the people of china will not be able to enjoy this game through their mobile phones. A report by Reuters provided a lot of information in this piece.

This game, since its launch, broke records in downloads, but it also became known immediately in cases where many people around the world and in China suffered accidents daily and in some cases died while trying to hunt a Pokémon. The Government of China has considered this application to be very distracting for all people and is especially dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.

It's also important to mention that this game evolved what is the technological industry, because it created a very real application to life, making its users feel like they are seeking some real Pokémon.

What is 'Pokémon GO?'

It’s the most used game in the world because it almost seemed real, and "Pokémon GO" broke records in Beijing in terms of downloading. However, this has not prevented it from being expelled from China. This game allowed you to go around the world hunting the various Pokémon characters, which could be done through radar you were seeing on the gaming screen. This has led it to being a well-accepted game all around the world, not only and China, but in many parts of Europe and America, where many people felt obsessed with this game.

A report by Forbes underscored how the game also had a GPS tracker in it. Leading to some concerns about people being tracked while they were playing the game. It led to a number of complaints coming to the government.

How could China block 'Pokémon GO?'

The Chinese government began to receive infinite complaints from some residents about this game, which is the reason that led him to examine it.

Because of this and all the complaints received, the Chinese government decided to cancel the use of this game in the country, thus creating much indignation and some ptotests by all lovers of this game. It should be taken into account that Beijing was one of the cities of the world with the greatest number of downloads of "Pokémon GO."

A report by Mashable stated what a lot of people were already feeling in this case.

"China thinks you're just not responsible enough to play the game. Because, who knows, you might fall off a cliff, crash your car into a school or cop car, or stampede through a public park just to catch a rare Pokémon. No, no, no, you can't be trusted to play 'Pokemon GO.'"