Some of the problems with playing "Pokémon GO," which you could experience over the next few weeks, are connection errors and GPS malfunctions. Especially if you're going to capture Pokémon away from home if you live in certain areas of The United States. Several reports, including one from Metro, state that "Pokémon GO" is going to experience outages soon, as the US Air Force carries out training and shuts down localized GPS in certain areas of the country.

Mission season in the US

The United States Air Force is in a season of test missions known as the Red Flag, where pilots participate in a series of air drill maneuvers having to operate without the help of GPS and have had to deactivate it in certain areas in the United States.

Knowing that the title that currently makes use of the GPS to a greater extent is "Pokémon GO," its performance could be affected by these games of the United States Air Force. However, for the realization of this practice the GPS service is canceled in areas within New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, California, Arizona, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah, and Montana, although for security reasons, they are not allowed to indicate the exact zones.

Civilians will also be affected

This not only affects "Pokémon GO," but any device of civil use that uses the GPS, so it's not a good time to get lost in the desert. The GPS service for "Pokémon GO" could still work, but perhaps not at its best in these affected areas.

To see the seriousness of the matter, the US government has already warned that airports like Albuquerque, Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake, Oakland, and Seattle could see their services interrupted.

The GPS system is the property of the United States Government and this type of temporary interruption is habitual when a series of military maneuvers are carried out.

So, if you're from the area, you could have GPS problems while playing "Pokémon GO."

'Pokémon GO' already confirmed all the Pokémon of eggs in the region Hoenn

Niantic continues to add content to "Pokémon GO." The arrival of the third generation began at last year's Halloween event. Since that date, the Pokémon of the Hoenn region have gradually arrived, the first five were the phantom type and they have now added 23 more.

Although all the added Pokémon are not known yet, Niantic has already launched the official list of those that can be obtained in the eggs. The confirmed ones are below.

  • -Aron
  • -Barboach
  • -Gulpin
  • -Luvdisc
  • -Poochyena
  • -Spoink
  • -Wailmer
  • -Whimsur
  • -Wurmple
  • -Zigzagoon
  • -Azurill
  • -Carvanha
  • -Corphish
  • -Duskull
  • -Lotad
  • -Makuhita
  • -Mudkip
  • -Nosepass
  • -Numel
  • -Seedot
  • -Shroomish
  • -Shuppet
  • -Skitty
  • -Snorunt
  • -Spheal
  • -Torchic
  • -Treecko
  • -Wynaut
  • -Feebas
  • -Ralts
  • -Slakoth
  • -Trapinch