Beerus-Sama murders Zamasu from the present. Thanks to the interruption of the destroyer god, who is starting to generate a lot of debate and theory about the intervention against villages. The question still remains, as to why Beerus never stopped the bug created by the doctor "cell." Instead, he disintegrated Kaio from present Zamasu.

In the first place, according to the series "Dragon Ball Super," Beerus had millions of years sleeping. His dreams were interrupted in the movie battle of gods by the oracle fish predictions. Before the god-destroyer falls in the dreams, he orders Freezer to eliminate the Vegita planet, afterward, he falls in the dream, in that moment Goku was a baby.

At this point, why didn't Beerus stop Cell? Even though Beerus had been in his deep dreams, there ultimately is no plausible excuse as to why he could not have awoken from his deep slumber and intervened to influence the outcome. Whis-Sama could have woken him up and alerted him as to what was happening in the 7 universes.

Zamasu vows revenge as he seeks it out by attempting to kill Gowasu! Beerus, Supreme Kai, Whis and Goku watch as Zamasu makes his move, meanwhile, the rest of our heroes prepare as we near the third and final battle against Black & Future Zamasu!

The Doctor Gero

Doctor Gero's objective was to create the cell which just destroyed son Goku but this goes beyond that -- so he could obtain more power absorbing android 17 and 18.

He never could realize his plans, due to Gohan destroying him by was of super Kamehameha performed with his father. Perhaps by this reason Whis didn't wake up Beerus (as truly Cell did not change the time of the universes, nor did he ultimately put anything at risk, even in his attempt to destroy them all).

Additional information:

Cell had 4 transformations, 2 of them were formed by android 17 and 18, the android 16 was exterminated by Cell as well. In the meantime, however, we await the next saga of the franchise, beginning sometime in December.

What would have happened if Zamasu stole Gohan's body?