Spoilers for “Dance Moms” season 6 episode 32 “Two Teams, Two Studios” show Abby Lee Miller has pushed the Elite Team moms to their breaking point. Have all of Abby’s legal troubles including her bankruptcy fraud sentencing which has just been pushed to January come to roost? Has Abby finally lost it?

Abby makes the moms miserable

In part one of the two-part season finale, it looks like it could be the beginning of the end for the ALDC LA Junior Elite dance team. Holly, Kira, Jill and Ashlee decide they can’t go back to ALDC LA after their big dust up last week when the shoot for the TV commercial was thrown into chaos.

Abby left the team in the teen’s hands and took a spa day. Abby seems too invested in her own problems to run the studio. This week, the moms and girls head back to 3rd Street Dance while still fighting over the performance of the Muhammad Ali tribute versus the other number choreographed.

Sheer Talent could be a sheer disaster

The moms are happy to be working with a studio they believe will give their girls the attention they deserve since Abby continues to be checked out as she has all season long. Nia’s mom Holly says, “Oh, it’s on!” These “Dance Moms” spoilers show tension as the ALDC heads to Sheer Talent competition splintered in two.

Abby rants, “My reputation is on the line!” The mini moms gossip that the Elite Team didn’t just leave ALDC, they went to a studio that’s, “a nemesis” of Abby’s.

Choreographer Erik Saradpon who put together the commercial dance said it’s okay to take that number to the competition.

Solo terror thanks to Abby

A “Dance Moms” promo from Twitter shows Abby terrorizing mini dancer Elliana in her solo routine rehearsal for her solo “Sing For You.” Abby demands that Elliana go home and watch all of Maddie’s lyrical solo routines as part of her prep work.

Poor kid looks traumatized.

Abby has termed this a “Maddie” solo and Elli is nervous since she’s up against two other minis in the solo competition in addition to the non-ALDC competitors. Elli says she hopes the three of them get, “third, second and first.”

If the Junior Elite team moms walk away with a win, “Dance Moms” could be done for good and this might be enough to break Abby Lee Miller once and for all.

So much drama in “Dance Moms” season 6 episode 32 “Two Teams, Two Studios” and as usual, it’s all about Abby and the Junior Elite moms.

“Dance Moms” season 6 episode 32 airs tonight on Lifetime.

Mini solo rehearsal video:

"Dance Moms" crew does the Mannequin Challenge: