Priyanka Chopra is making waves in America with her "Quantico" season 2 TV serial. Her role has catapulted her to among the 10 highest paid TV actresses in the world as per Forbes' list. She also has the gossip mills churning news about her involvement with her co-star as well as her nude scene in the serial.

Hindi dialogue

In one of the episodes telecast recently Priyanka has a few sentences spoken in the Hindi -- the language of India. The scene shows her co-star tied up as she rescues him and in the process, she utters a few sentences in Hindi with another person who helps her.

This adds flavor to the serial and gives it a global image. It is avidly watched all around the globe and many in India love it.

Priyanka is a celebrity in both the USA and Bollywood where she is battling Padukone for the number one slot among actresses. In the USA she has made waves and it is seldom that an Indian actress bags the top role in an American serial. One can't think of anyone else. She has also broken into Hollywood with a scintillating role in the movie " Baywatch."


Priyanka has obviously enjoyed the role and she has commented on twitter

"loved doing a scene in Hindi on Quantico# home away from home# miss home"

Last word

Priyanka Chopra is a trailblazer and her fans will be hoping that her Hollywood debut is a success.The success or failure of another actress from India Deepika Padukone who stars in the Hollywood film "The Return of Xander Cage" will also be watched with interest.

The film premieres on January 20th, 2017 and it will be an interesting battle between the two rivals as to who is the greater success in Hollywood. As things stand Priyanka is ahead with her "Quantico" season 2 TV serial as Deepika has none. The two are also rivals for the top slot for a film to be shot in China.

The "Quantico" season 2 TV series has gone truly global with the Hindi dialogue. One wonders what will be the reaction of the watchers of this show in America. In India, the episode has generated great interest.