The bikini is a 20th-century innovation and wearing one publicly is a sign of confidence and beauty. Manyfeminists condemn it, but more and more it has created a symbol of its own. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has too after making it big in Bollywood entered the US TV and film world and also bagged a role in the movie Baywatch. Her Quantico series has been well received and has propelled her to among the top 10 highest paid TV actresses in the world.

Bollywood and bikini

No Indian actress from Bollywood wore a swimming costume on the screen for decades and only a handful dared to wear one.

One is reminded that the actress Nutan was the first to wear a swimmingcostume in Dilli Ka Thug (The crook from Delhi) way back in 1955. Some heroines did later don swimwear, but they were few as most heroinesshunned wearing abikini.This taboo has been broken by Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka strikes out

Priyanka Chopra has outdone an entire galaxy of Indian actresses by wearing a bikini. She is not averse to getting herselfphotographed in a bikini and thepublic at large is reminded that Priyanka is a lovely woman. Wearing a bikini comes naturally to her and her videos on youtube are a hit.

Priyanka began her career by winning the Miss World title in 2003 and that was a springboard for her launch into Mumbai films.

She broke into the entertainment world in America and has been a hit. Her role in the film Baywatch will decide how much success she can garner in Hollywood. The film is due early next year and Priyanka will be seen in an exotic bikini. Priyanka will be keeping her fingers crossed and hope the film is a commercial success.

Last word

Priyanka wearing a bikini has another connotation in a conservative country like India, wherein the villages women are suppressed. It will certainlygive a fillip to women's emancipation. May sound a little farfetched but Priyanka and the bikini is good news for Indian women. She deserves all the accolades and one hopes she will be a success. Never the less she has blazed a trail for the Indian girl.