Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Quinn discussed her hope with Eric to be able to reach out to Steffy, while Steffy was at the office undertaking another laser removal session to have her wedding band tattoo removed. Zende was also distracted at work as he tried to text and call Nicole, who was reluctant to respond. He felt guilty about Nicole's reaction when she saw him and Sasha in bed together. "I never wanted to do that to Nicole," he said to Sasha. He was regretful about the hurt and pain he had obviously caused her.

Katie went to visit Eric at the Forrester mansion and Eric updated her about the family situation, and confirmed that Ridge and Steffy are welcome in the family home as long as they respect him and his wife.

Nicole confides in Maya

Nicole reported to Maya that she got onto the jet, so anxious to see Zende and tell him that she hadn't gone through with the procedure, but when she opened the door to the bedroom, "And there he bed...with Sasha." Maya felt responsible for what happened between Nicole and Zende, but Nicole reassured her that it was fine for her and Rick to ask for another baby, because she wanted to do it.

"Every time I close my eyes, I see them in bed together. The last thing I expected -- I have never felt so completely horrified." Nicole felt that she was to blame but Maya stopped her. Maya questioned further about Zende's response when Nicole told him that she had changed her mind, and Nicole informed her that it never got that far.

She defended her decision to walk out without saying anything because of what she saw, and felt that she couldn't talk to him. Maya then advised her sister to tell Zende about her decision.

Quinn reaches out to Steffy

Steffy challenged Quinn to step away from the CEO position at Forrester, but Quinn refused. She suggested a compromise instead, and pointed out that she could really use Steffy's help.

"Your father is fighting me at every turn and I'm sure Rick will, and Thomas, and Brooke -- I'm here only until Eric gets back." Quinn pitched. She asked Steffy for support to keep the peace and to help the company to stay on track, but Steffy didn't buy it, and accused her of only wanting her to be with Wyatt.

Zende and Nicole talk

When Zende found Nicole at work, he apologized to her and explained that he was a mess when she told him that she was going ahead with the surrogacy. "I couldn't bear the thought of you having another baby that wasn't mine." he told her. Nicole admitted that she shouldn't have agreed without telling him. She confronted him about what happened between him and Sasha in Hawaii and Zende confirmed that nothing did happen. Nicole let him know how cruel it was for her to find him and Sasha in bed together, and she dropped the bomb that she won't be carrying Rick's baby and that's why she came on the jet to meet him. "I didn't go through with the procedure. I changed my mind...for you...for us. I'm not pregnant, Zende."

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