Lalit Mohan's Television serial ''Ishqbaaz" being aired on Star Plus is one of the most popular picks among female audiences in India during prime time.

The TV soap which features the story of three brothers with distinctive personalities has succeeded in impressing critics and audiences and its increased TRP ratings clearly indicates the shows popularity. With ingredients of emotions, romance, and family sentiments, the director has added all kinds of commercial elements to meet the needs of Indian audiences.

This serial is loaded with an ensemble star cast which includes, Nakul Mehata, Kunaal Jaisingh, Linesh Matoo, Surabhi Chandna, Neha Laxmi Iyer and Vrushika.

Wednesday's episode

The show starts with Anika who was asked to get the new entry Daksh to the Oberoi House from the bus station, doesn't find him there. And later sees him near an auto and thinks that he is an auto driver and asks him to drive to the Oberoi House.

She is stunned when Shivaay introduces her as Daksh. They both shake hands and the two exchanged glances before leaving the place. Looks like a love triangle will be formed between these three in the coming episodes.

Dakshya entry:

Tuesday's serial begins with the scene which features Tia and Shivaay.

Tia asks Shivaye to reveal the truth, and also adds that she has seen Shivay and Mallika on the bed. As Tia starts pressurising Shivaay, the young man loses his cool and he throws away the cell phone on the floor. Anika and Mallika see these things and ask Shivaay to control his temper and cool down.

Earlier, Shivaay murmurs Chakku Chakku, and at this time, Anika and Mallika try to scare him.

Even though scared a bit, Shivaay tries to show his bravery, and also added that nothing can scare him.

Next scene, we can see Om and Rudra joking. Mallaika asks Shivaay to accept the fact that he is scared to the core. In the midst of all these heated arguments, Shivaay and Anika engage in a argument.

Shivay says that Anika's attitude is childish, and she is not at all mature.

Heating up the scene, Anika calls Shivaay Billu Ji, and it irritates Shivaay to the core. He tells that this is not the right way to behave, and walks away from the scene, and makes it clear that he has many other works to do. It results in the tiff between boys and girls.

A new entry is likely to happen in today's episode to create a love triangle between Anika and Shivaay. Some spoilers suggest that Shivaya & Anika's wedding will be held this month.