Morgan Freeman was spotted out recently in Los Angeles and fans were quick to notice that Freeman's health appears to be quickly declining. Witnesses on the scene were also shocked, saying Freeman seemed to be very out of sorts.

Is it time for Morgan Freeman to take it easy?

While it is true the 79-year-old actor and "Shawshank Redemption" star has suffered more than his share of health issues over the past several years, fans believe that there is something more going on these days. Morgan can always be seen wearing a glove on his left hand after suffering serious injuries from a 2008 car accident, Family and friends are growing more concerned daily for Morgan's health and reveal they wish the aging actor would just retire and enjoy his remaining years.

Morgan Freeman reveals he lives in constant pain

The severe damage done to his arm has left Morgan living in major pain and according to pals is a real agonizing chore for him to get through work most days. Sadly, even Morgan himself has admitted that he is in constant pain from fibromyalgia, with pain running up his arm that gets so bad at times it is impossible to move at all.

Freeman also suffers a daily reminder of the devastating car crash. The actor, who turned his car over a number of times on a Mississippi highway, left him with multiple broken bones in his arm, elbow and shoulder areas. After suffering through surgery in hopes of repairing the nerve damage, Morgan lost total use of his left hand and now must wear a compression glove to keep the blood from pooling in the area, causing even more damage.

Friends state that Morgan has always tried to keep his pain to himself, but these days it is getting harder and harder to hide his agony. For the past four years those closest to Freeman have been trying to convince him to retire to his beautiful Mississippi farm. Should Morgan make the decision to retire he will be greatly missed on the big screen.

However, fans are fully accepting and realize that Morgan has given many, many great years of entertainment both with his acting and voice over careers. After all, who doesn't recognize the most famous voice in the entertainment business?