Fans of Catching Kelce got a big shocker during last week's finale when Travis Kelce chose Maya Benberry over Veronica Harwood. Heading into the finale the pro football player had four women left, but both Lauren Schwab and Avery Schlereth were sent home prior to pinning down the final two. Viewers have been quite outspoken about the pairing of Travis and Maya and many are curious to know more about how the two are doing now. What's the latest?

Travis and Maya had to keep their relationship secret for some time

As Maya Benberry shared with the Paducah Sun, filming of “Catching Kelce” wrapped on April 8 and that meant that she had to keep her relationship with Travis Kelce under wraps for quite a long time, longer than what happens in shows like "The Bachelor." The two were able to secretly see one another in Los Angeles or Kansas City for a while, but once the E!

Network began promoting the show, their visits were restricted. After that, Travis and Maya had to rely solely on FaceTime and phone calls, which certainly could make it quite difficult to keep a long-distance relationship strong.

Despite that challenge, Kelce and Benberry say that they are still together and this week they will be reuniting in person for the first time since last summer. “Catching Kelce” viewers have been quite outspoken about Maya, and Benberry says that the show seriously misrepresented her character. She admits that legally she agreed to it, but she is frustrated and she says that she is anxious to have people see who she really is. Despite all of that, she says that she met her dream guy in Travis.

'Catching Kelce' fans shouldn't expect a big move quite yet

While Travis and Maya say they are together, she will not be making a move to Kansas City at this point. She says that they are taking things slowly, and she has commitments in Los Angeles that are keeping her there for now. For his part, the Kansas City Chiefs footballer has retweeted a post about how editing really can distort things on reality television, a post that clearly supports his gal, and he shared a GIF of him with Maya that he said was “for all the haters!!!”

Benberry posted a photo on Instagram showing her in a Kelce jersey over the weekend.

She tweeted that she was in Kentucky for her sister's birthday for this game, but she noted that she will be at the Chiefs game on December 8. Kelce had previously said that he had found someone very special thanks to the show, but that it was far too early to talk about engagements or weddings.

These two are not the first reality television lovebirds to face a long-distance relationship after their show's finale, but the amount of time they had to stay away from one another does add a level of difficulty that could present a significant challenge as these two try to transition to regular life as a couple. Could Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry surprise their critics and make this relationship last? What did you think of the finale of "Catching Kelce"?