Jinger Duggar is known for her appearances on "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On." Her famous family relays tendentious views about the Christian faith, and homosexuality, pre-marital sex and jeans are perpetuated sins. The strict dress code, lack of education, stifled dreams and obscured sexual abuse are just a few reasons that taint their biblical image. The obvious control that Jim Bob Duggar, the patriarch, exerts over his daughters is creepy, and the emphasis on purity seems to surface during these young women's engagements. Chaperones for these adults are always a requirement, and frontal hugs are considered unholy.

Jinger Duggarand her fiancé Jeremy Vuolo rebel with the power of affection, but warm embraces and sweaty palmsonly provide so much satisfaction.

Christmas came early

Duggar ceremonies are never intimate. Blowout birthday parties, gender reveals or weddings containtoo many attendees to count.Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar showcased the happiest day of their lives for the entire world to view, and Jinger Duggar may be the third daughter to follow suit. International Business Times reports, "A blog post from the Rodrigues family ministries...reveals they will be headed to Arkansas for a secret event." After this weekend, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo will not be engaged but possibly married! Who needs Santa Claus when Duggar can unwrap her gift early?

One more surprise

Christmas is less than two months away, but fans of "Counting On" will not have to wait until December for their presents. On November 8th, this election's results will coincide with a new TLC series. "Courting Jinger," which will focus on the burgeoning relationship between Duggar and Vuolo. The televised opportunity will allow these two lovebirds to share their courtship with fans, but the chance to proselytize viewers is another positive. Hopefully, the couple can photograph sweet memories, bask in wedded bliss and pursue their passions. Duggar deserves a great man, so Vuolo better deliver.